Monday, 15 March 2010

Beira Harbour Customs House Pier (early 1900's).

Nick Baalbergen Writes:-

Attached is the image of another early card of the Beira Harbour Customs House Pier (early 1900's). Like the other cards, this was obtained at an auction about 15 years ago.

This would have been how my maternal grandfather would have remembered Beira - he was a career Navy man with the Royal Netherlands Navy. Several of the ships on which he served as a young Naval Cadet, visited the Port of Beira in the early 1900's.

When my parents and their young family started taking holidays in Beira in the late 50's, my grandfather was horrified - Why would they even consider taking a holiday in BEIRA!!!. Apparently in his day, Beira wasn't exactly a holiday destination!

Thanks to Nick for sharing his memories with us.


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